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Sunflex has maintained its family business for more than three generation. It has fabulously grown in production techniques and expertise and, no wonder, our exports all over the world have expanded manifold.

Our manufacturing has seen a steady progress and development. Initially, it was solely dependent on human skill an craftsmanship, as most of the work was done manually. Over the years, as the demand for excellence and perfection was always too pressing, our manufacturing has overgone a systematic change. Now mechanization, precision and efficiency are our main concerns. It order to compete in the highly competitive and progressing sports market, we have developed new strategies and
approaches to manufacturing, but still the pride of our production are hand stitched footballs. That’s why sportsmen all over the world love to play with our products. We are really thankful to them for their patronage.

Our skilled and qualified workers are always conscious of the quality of our products. We highly value their diligence, devotion and untiring endeavour in enabling us to compete in todays highly competitive Sports Industry.

The hallmark of our establishment is that we always put the satisfaction of our costumers at top priority. A product becomes priceless when it proves its worth. To achieve this target we always welcome the critical comments of our valued costumers. We fully realize that three is always scope for improvement and that sky is the limit. Our pursuit for perfection goes on.

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